Tenants - The Renting Process

Guide to Lettings

Once you have selected a property and been approved by the referencing agency (see new tenants section) there are some formalities we have to go through before we can give you the keys for your new home. These are as follows:



  • Tenancy Agreement

If it hasn’t been agreed already confirm a tenancy start date, this will enable us to prepare the tenancy agreement which needs to be signed by all parties prior to the tenancy commencing. We would normally have this drawn up and signed as soon as your references are approved, this way you can be sure that the landlord is legally obliged to rent the property to you and prevents either party pulling out of the rental at the last minute.


  • Inventory

We will complete a thorough inventory of the property detailing the condition prior to your occupation. This document is vital as it will enable both parties to judge the condition of the property when you vacate and ultimately may impact on whether your deposit is returned to you. It is imperative that all parties have a signed copy of this document as soon as possible once the tenancy has commenced.


  • Deposit

It is a legal requirement that tenancy deposits are lodged in a government approved scheme. We will do this as part of the moving in process and you will be provided with the relevant documentation as part of your moving in pack. It is imperative that we receive the deposit in cleared funds prior to your moving in date, we will discuss this with you as the process develops and agree on a mutually convenient date for the funds to be transferred.


  • Rent

Your rent is normally paid monthly and it is standard industry practice for your first month’s rent to be paid in advance of you moving in to the property. We will require cleared funds on the day you move in at the latest and we cannot allow any tenant to move into any property without those cleared funds. Once we have received your first month’s rent you will be provided with information on when your future payments are due along with a standing order form with our details on it, this will enable you to set up a standing order with your bank so that the money is transferred to our client account month by month going forward.


  • Check In

We will meet at our office on the day you move in to the house to go through any relevant documentation and sign over the keys, it’s then over to you to enjoy the property for the duration of the tenancy and ensure that you look after it for any future tenants.


  • Inspections

We will conduct quarterly inspections of the property, this is part of the managed process and is not in any way a reflection on you as a tenant. It is part of our job to ensure that the property is not only being looked after by you but also to inform the landlord of any routine maintenance that may need to be carried out, it is also a good opportunity for you to report any problem to us whilst we are at the property.


Capron Gould Tenants

Having been tenants and landlords ourselves we recognise the importance of being able to trust your agent and have confidence in their ability to resolve any problems you may have swiftly and professionally.


Maintenance Issues

If you are a tenant in one of our managed properties and you have a maintenance issue then we will resolve this issue as quickly as possible, you can either call us on 01392 412220 or fill in the online form below.




If you are a tenant who is looking to vacate the property then you need to inform us as soon as possible, to ensure you comply with the legal requirements when giving notice please refer to the relevant section in your tenancy agreement. Once you are satisfied that you are able to comply with the requirements then please use one of the following forms to inform us.


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